2023 FUTURE-MINDS-QB Symposium


The FUTURE-MINDS-QB doctoral bridge program held its first Symposium on Monday, June 26 in 612 Institute for Genomics (IGB) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Five Fisk master’s trainees and four Fisk faculty members visited UIUC.   The Symposium featured talks by the trainees and by faculty members from both Fisk and UIUC.  It also included a special training session on Responsible Conduct of Research.

10:00 AM Welcome Remarks Leadership Committee
10:10 AM Student Presentation Skye Faucher
10:30 AM Student Presentation Leiana-Lavette Woodard
10:50 AM Student Presentation V. Storm Robertson
11:10 AM Student Presentation Elizabeth Daniels
11:30 AM Faculty Presentation Prof. Catherine Murphy (UIUC, Chemistry)
12:00 PM Lunch and Networking  
1:00 PM Faculty Presentation Assistant Prof. Dain Beezer (Fisk, Chemistry)
1:30 PM Faculty Presentation Prof. Brendan Harley (UIUC, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering)
2:00 PM Break; Networking  
2:30 PM Faculty Presentation Associate Prof. Dave Zhao (UIUC, Statistics)
3:00 PM RCR Training: "How not to lie with statistics" Prof. Jun Song (UIUC, Physics)
4:00 PM Concluding Remarks