Program Faculty

Fisk Program Faculty

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Biopolymers for regenerative medicine, biophysics, biochemistry
Professor of Physics
Radiation detection and imaging, crystal growth of optical materials, biophysics
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Protein structure, biophysics, immunogenicity
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Mathematical modeling, data science
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Machine learning, mathematical modeling, algorithms, healthcare informatics, data science
Assistant Professor of Biology
Biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Machine learning, bioinformatics, mathematical modeling, data science
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Cancer genomics and signaling
Assistant Professor of Bioengineering
Biosensors; microfluidic devices for point-of-care; bioreactors
Associate Professor of Bioinformatics and Data Science
Health disparity informatics, data curation, data science, clinical informatics, bioinformatics
Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Data Science
Neuroscience, medical imaging, machine learning

Fisk Affiliated Faculty

Associate Professor of Physics
Modeling diffusion, osmosis, ion channels and COVID-19; biophysics; electrophysiology; and introducing computational modeling into the undergraduate curriculum
Assistant Professor of Physics
STEM education; atmospheric studies utilizing sounding rockets; managing classrooms for diverse populations

UIUC Program Faculty

Professor of Physics
Nucleic acids, nanopores, sequencing, molecular dynamics, viruses, DNA replication, drug delivery, DNA nanotechnology, filtration and biomolecular separation, all atom simulations
Professor of Bioengineering
Chemical imaging (IR, Raman), 3D printing, tissue microenvironment, technology & engineering applied to oncology, optical theory and numerical methods, instrumentation & technologies in IR imaging, digital molecular pathology
Professor of Bioengineering and of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Biomedical Imaging, Bioengineering, Computational imaging, and Acoustics
Professor of Physics
Mechanical processes in biology; how proteins interact with DNA - bending, wrapping, or translocating along the molecule; how cells swim and process information from environment; optical trap
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and of Bioengineering
Optical biosensors, nanotechnology, early cancer detection, nanofabrication
Professor of Physics
Non-equilibrium dynamical systems, including pattern formations in homogeneous systems and inhomogeneous systems with quenched disorder; physics of neuroscience
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Bioinformatics and computational biology; theory and algorithms; big data analytics
Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
Neurobiology of time: circadian regulation; Nanoscale processes of dendrogenesis, neural network formation/regeneration
Professor of Physics
Origins of cellular individuality; in vivo single-molecule measurments; systems biology
Professor of Chemistry and Physics
RNA and protein folding kinetics, protein dynamics in living cells and in vivo; computational modeling of biological systems
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
High throughput single cell/virus sequencing, single molecule imaging, and identification of multi-scale functional networks and their system-wide interactions; single-cell omics
Jiawei Han
Artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and computational biology, database and information systems, text mining
Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Biomaterials; tissue engineering; cancer
Professor of Crop Sciences
Using supercomputing and DNA sequencing to solve problems in plant, animal, and human genetics; single-cell omics
Professor of Bioengineering
Ultrasensitive diagnostics for onsite screening, development of cancer targeting agents for site-directed therapy, nanomaterials for biosensors and monitoring live cell dynamics, nanosensor technology, biomedical imaging, phenotyping cancer cells, gold nanorods and dark field plasmon imaging, lateral flow technology, cervical cancer screening, single-cell spectroscopy, super-resolution imaging, epigenetics, phosphorylation, mRNA expression in live cells
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
RNA in health and disease
Assistant Professor of Physics
Single molecule biophysics, microbiology and computational modeling to study the complexity of living cells at the single-molecule and single-cell levels.
Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Biomaterials, drug delivery, tissue engineering
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Membrane structure and function; high-resolution mass spectrometry imaging approaches to visualize cell membrane organization; development of label-free approaches to identify the differentiation states of individual stem and progenitor cells
Professor of Plant Biology
Plant water use efficiency, photosynthesis, respiration and water relations; Plant responses in natural and agricultural ecosystems to global environmental change; Adaptation of food and fuel crops to global environmental change, especially drought
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Cell membrane structure; drug and gene delivery; soft matter
Assistant Professor of Bioengineering
Biomaterials, biomechanics, cancer diagnosis, live imaging, spatiotemporal tumor dynamics, personalized cancer treatment
Professor of Crop Sciences
Bioengineering the photosynthesis process in crops to achieve higher productivity, sustainability, and adaptation to climate change; optimization of chemical pathways
Professor of Bioengineering
Analysis, modeling, and construction of bacterial gene circuits to uncover biological design principles and advance biotechnological applications; synthetic biology; systems biology
Professor of Bioengineering
Computational modeling of genome evolution, microbial community dynamics, epidemiological modeling, computational biology, and intracellular networks; systems biology
Professor of Microbiology
Molecular genetics and biochemistry of methanogenic Archaea; redox cycling of phosphorus by microorganisms
Professor of Chemistry
Inorganic nanomaterials for biological sensing, imaging, and control of cell behavior
Professor of Biochemistry
Structural and mechanistic studies of biosynthetic enzymes
Associate Professor of Bioengineering
Genetic engineering, CRISPR-based genome editing, gene therapy, transcriptional regulation
Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Intracellular networks; bioinformatics and comparative genomics; transcriptional regulation
Professor of Mechanical Science & Engineering
Applied physics, chemistry, health and bio, manufacturing, security and defense, solid mechanics and materials
Professor of Biochemistry
Proteomics, genomics and chemical mechanism of oxygenases; receptors, signaling, membrane proteins
Associate Professor of Bioengineering
Development of new nanomaterials as sensors and optical imaging agents for cells, tissues, and bio-specimens. In particular, application of quantum dots to quantitatively measure proteins or nucleic acids associated with disease, understand how these bio-molecules behave in healthy tissue and malfunction when cells become cancerous, and how therapeutic drugs restore order
Associate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
Wound repair and tissue regeneration; Drosophila genetics; Development and patterning
Associate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
Embryonic morphogenesis, gene regulation, cytoskeletal and membrane biology, and live-cell imaging
Professor of Physics and Statistics
Integrative genomics to study the interplay among transcription factors, chromatin structure, non-coding RNAs and gene regulation in development and diseases; computational biology; bioinformatics; machine learning; physics of data science; biophysics; functional GWAS; interactive data visualization
Professor of Computer Science
Information retrieval, text mining, natural language processing, machine learning, bioinformatics, and Web information management, electronic health record mining
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Optogenetic dissection of intracellular signaling pathways in mammalian cells and in Xenopus embryos, light-controlled protein- protein interaction, protein engineering, protein trafficking in neurons, fluorescence microscopy
Associate Professor of Statistics
Statistical genomics, high-dimensional statistics, survival analysis