Undergraduate Students (2016 - present)

Summer Research Trainees

Our two-stage program trains Fisk undergraduate students in quantitative biology research, first instilling self-confidence through an inclusive orientation and then immersing them in research. Members of the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB), the High-Performance Biological Computing (HPCBio) and the Center for the Physics of Living Cells (CPLC) at UIUC organize and provide the first stage of training. The second stage of research-intensive training is supervised by the faculty affiliates of the IGB and the CPLC.

Student Major Stage 1: Orientation Stage 2: Research Year
(Research Mentor)
Carleigh Frazier
Biology 2016 2017 (Liewei Wang at Mayo Clinic)
Shelby Clark
Biology 2016  
Jalen Thomas
Biology 2017 2018 (Stephen Boppart)
Sidney Stuckett
Biochemistry 2017 2018 (Romana Nowak)
Jasmine Brooks Biochemistry & Molecular Cell Biology 2018  
Kofi Arthur Chemistry 2018  
Jaia Holleman
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2019  
Skye Faucher
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2019 2020 (Jun Song)
Daniel Davies
Physics 2020 2021 (Stephen Long, Ed Lochocki)
Terrance Hawkins
Biololgy 2020 2021 (Steven Burgess, Ed Lochocki)
Rishab Wadhwa
Biology 2020 2021 (Andrew Steelman)
Leiana-Lavette Woodard
Chemistry and Math 2020 2021 (Ido Golding)
Elizabeth Daniels
Biology and Spanish 2021 2022 (Cari Vanderpool)
Imani Douglas
Biology 2021 2022 (Zeynep Madak-Erdogan)
Malia Jennings
Biology and Data Science 2022 2023

Master's Trainees (2021 - present)

Student Major Training Theme Matriculation Year
Skye Faucher
Biology Computational & Genomic Biology (CGB) 2021
Leiana-Lavette Woodard
Data Science Computational & Genomic Biology (CGB) 2022

Vida Storm Robertson
Chemistry Computational & Genomic Biology (CGB) 2022
Elizabeth Daniels
Biology (4+1 track) Computational & Genomic Biology (CGB)

(+1 phase in 2023)

Ololade Adetula
Data Science Computational & Genomic Biology (CGB)
Walter Avila
Data Science Computational & Genomic Biology (CGB)
Carlos Merlos
Data Science Computational & Genomic Biology (CGB)